BOOK CLUB- Aina Velasco

BOOK CLUB- Aina Velasco
Aina Velasco | Model - Brand Owner
Barcelona- Spain
1. What's your name/ Age/ Zodiac Sign ?( do you identify with your sign? )

My name is Aina Velasco, I’m 23 and a Scorpio. I’ve always identified myself a lot with my sign. I see myself as a very passionate and determined person, but I’m also very stubborn and a little bit of a control freak. And very emotional, sometimes too much.

2. Who are you? (More than a name) .
I think a very introverted and curious Scorpio is a good description.

3. Do you remember how did you discover our brand? 
I met Arianna years ago through Instagram. One of the first people that trusted me with shooting her clothes was her.

4. Have you changed the way you buy in the past years? And why?
I do! A lot actually. I used to buy a lot of stuff that I didn’t end up wearing at all sometimes. I’m very mindful of what I buy now and many of the items that are currently in my wardrobe are vintage. 

5. Do you think is easy to buy sustainable at the moment? 
I think it has never been easier. There are many options regarding sustainable clothing at the moment, from small brands making ethically made and sustainable pieces to physical vintage stores, second-hand markets… And that’s if you want to buy. Rewearing things from your wardrobe or your parents is also an option. My favourite shirts are all from my dad. 

6. Tell us a piece that will always be in your wardrobe. 
Probably my Chloé Marcie bag. I wear it almost every day, it’s the perfect size to fit everything (phone, sunglasses and a pocket sized book) and I love that it’s crossbody. 

7. Describe your style in ONE word. 
In two: comfortable and minimal. 
8.  If you see our website or Instagram what is the first word that comes to your mind?
I would say femininity, and if you let me add another one, ease.
9. Do you think Instagram is creating a good or bad impact in your life?
Through social media I’ve created many incredible connections with people that are currently my friends. It’s also a powerful resource to create contacts, learn about new things and keep yourself informed. But I’m also very aware, especially with Instagram, that sometimes feeds into my negative emotions and thoughts and there are definitely days and times that does more bad than good.
10.  Where do you find inspiration? 

I know it sounds cliché but everywhere really. Social media, magazines, books, art, films, architecture and nature are probably my almost daily sources.

11. Mention 3 Small brands/or women entrepreneurs that you love and inspire you at the moment. 

I’ve been a massive fan of The Row (and of the Olsen twins style) for so many years. The precise tailoring and the fabrics they work with are just exquisite. Also lately I’ve been eyeing Aya Muse, a brand with very strong silhouettes and sexy but elegant pieces perfect for summer. And a Spanish brand that I’m loving right now is Testaruda, they have very unique and high-quality pieces. They also work with a drop-based model which I find very interesting.

12. What is your Job? And your Goals for 2022?

I’m currently working as a model and I have my own brand of vintage clothes (am pm). I also sometimes create visual content for brands.

13. Recommend us a book

The one I’m reading right now: “Loyalties” by Delphine de Vigan. I read “Gratitude” a few weeks ago and fell in love with her delicate and powerful style.

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