BOOK CLUB - Gloria Kohn

BOOK CLUB - Gloria Kohn

Gloria Kohn | Founder and CEO
Barcelona- Spain

1. What's your name/ Age/ Zodiac Sign ?( do you identify with your sign? )

Gloria Kohn, 29, Sagittarius - I absolutely identify with Sagittarius - we are very emotional and sensitive beings.

2. Who are you? (More than a name) .

I am founder and CEO of the brand Mettã - Conscious Jewelry.

3. Tell us a piece that will always be in your wardrobe.

I lOVE my beige linen jumpsuit. It’s very subtle, minimal and beige. Did I tell you it’s beige? I love beige. 🤓

4. Describe your Style in ONE word.


5. Have you changed the way you buy in the past years? And Why?

I did - and I am still in process though. I reduced the amount of useless shopping and try to support at small businesses with great values related to the environment.

4.Do you think is easy to buy sustainable at the moment?

Sustainability is a very difficult word and is being used for all kinds of things. Especially used for marketing strategies of brands. If you really want to make sure the clothes you are buying have a sustainable approach - inform yourself properly.

To make it clear though, the only really sustainable thing is to stop buying and start wearing clothes for a long time instead of replacing it with every new incoming trend.

7. Do you think Instagram is creating a good or bad impact in your life?

Both. I deactivate my Instagram when it’s getting too much for me - I learned to use the platform more consciously. I love to watch and learn from people who share positive energy and information. We have to focus more on the positive things nowadays.

8. If you see our website or Instagram what is the first word that comes to your mind?

Slow Summer

9. Where do you find inspiration?


10. Mention 3 Small brands/or women entrepreneurs that you love and inspire you at the moment.

I love what my my friend Julia is doing - she connects female entrepreneurs to meet and support each other. I have met great women thanks to her. Also I love her travel recommendations: she has the most exquisite recommendations worldwide: @out__liers

Always @carlotabruna and everything she is and does.

@saritawalsh Has built her life how she wanted it and inspires and motivates me to create the life I want. She is a life coach.

11. Why mettã ? Why did you decide to start your own brand?

I wanted to create something that was 100% mine - something that expresses positivity and consciousness. I of course am a sucker for jewelry and everything shiny - I guess it was meant to be.

12. Your Goals for 2022

More self love and spreading loving kindness to others
Seeing Mettã grow and blossom into a relevant conscious jewelry brand in the industry.

13. Recommend us a book

Sapiens by yuval Noah harari & the 5am club

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