BOOK CLUB- Mafe Abreu

BOOK CLUB- Mafe Abreu
Mafe Abreu | ASTROLOGY
Milán- Italy
1. What's your name/ Age/ Zodiac Sign ?( do you identify with your sign? )

My name is María Fernanda Abreu. I’m 29. Capricorn Sun. I fully identify with my sign (hard work, resilient and problem solver).

2. Who are you? (More than a name) .

I’m an astrologer, architect, and designer. I’m a person who loves to discover and learn new stuff, and a person who works hard to make her projects and dreams come true.

3. What is your actual job? And your Goals for 2022

I actually work half-half in an engineering company and as an astrologer. My goal for 2022 is to be able to do full time astrology.

4. Tell us a piece that will always be in your wardrobe.

There will always be a black jacket and suit.

5. Describe your Style in ONE word. 

Practical, serious and comfy.

6. Have you changed the way you buy in the past years? And Why?

Yes, I used to buy fast-fashion brands but after the pandemic I'm trying to buy pieces of better quality that can last. I think every piece needs to be used instead of a thousand pieces in the closet to wear only one time. I'm changing my philosophy of how we use things.

7. Do you think Instagram is creating a good or bad impact in your life?
I think it has created a good impact in my life. Sharing is growing these days. I started my business with it. I can’t complain.

8. If you see our website or Instagram what is the first word that comes to your mind?

Calm, classy, aesthetics, comfy, harmonic.

9.  Where do you find inspiration? 

From two places: books and cafés. I read at least a book per week to see different perspectives of authors and how they express themselves. I live in a city that brings me a lot of inspiration in every corner that I go to and makes me work hard to be better.

10. Mention 3 Small brands/or women entrepreneurs that you love and inspire you at the moment. 

I follow at this moment Xenia Adonts from Attire. I think she spreads a lot of positive energy and personal development, she works also with sustainable fashion. I also follow Luisa Cárdenas, I love her peace and sense of taste that just comes natural to her. And Viviana Grondona because I admire her talent and seeing a person who is in love of her work is just amazing.

11. If Mafe could use just ONE word for each sign would she say? 

Aries: Energetic. Taurus: Determined. Gemini: Smart. Cancer: Supportive. Leo: Generous. Virgo: Focus. Libra: Harmonic. Scorpio: Intense. Sagittarius: Expert. Capricorn: Resilient. Aquarius: Futuristic. Pisces: Dreamer.

12. What can we expect from 2022? 

It Is a year of massive possibilities, a year of dreams that can come true if you work hard enough to achieve it. Is a year where values and resources will be the main topic to create a better stability for us. A year where our fears need to be out of sight so we can approach opportunities without anything to lose.

13. Recommend us a book

Every person who loves astrology needs to read: Linda Goodman Sun Sign. It is amazing.
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