Summer is gone, memories remain.

Summer Nostalgia tells the story of the most memorable and beautiful moments we have collected through a journey of sunny days by the ocean wandering around the small streets of the places that made us fall in love. Every corner tells a story that has been inked in our minds forever. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated, we said goodbye.

Through the eyes of the Zaanty girl -a full-time daydreamer, an artist soul and a true wanderlust. This is an ode to finding ourselves by getting lost in magical venues that our hearts ache for coming back to relive what we felt once again.

It is the taste of a morning coffee with a view. The smell of old books from the street book market waiting to be discovered. Every cobblestone road filled with the sound of live music. The spontaneous smiles of strangers who became lovers. Their fingers tangled in your messy salty hair. How that first kiss crashed in your lips like the waves crashing the shore, or the feeling of freedom through the gentle touch of the wind in your face while riding down a vespa chasing sunsets.

Because there might not be a cure for summertime blues, yet thousand shades of blue will keep memories alive: Puglia, Ibiza, Santorini and the Caribbean Sea in Venezuela are and will always be our happy places that taught us thousand lessons on how to live, love and heal. These paradise towns painted in white and deep blue hues have become our most personal source for inspiration.


So take our hands, we will take you on an exciting trip through our new collection.

Let the adventure begin.


With love,




written by Susana Ortiz

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